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Monitor your Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) fleets and manage every aspect of your business with one solution: Tobi.


The Only NEMT Software Solution You Need

Earn More Per Trip

Improve business efficiency by maximizing fleet utilization and save fuel costs with algorithmic routing.

Automate Dispatching

Scheduling, routing, and real-time monitoring – Tobi does all the work for you.

Ensure Compliance

Electronically attest and document rides. Tobi stores your data securely and helps ensure compliance.


Easy-to-Use Software,
Built for NEMT Providers

Streamline operations with user-friendly software designed for NEMT
providers, enhancing efficiency and patient care through intuitive features.

Tobi automates routine tasks to free up your dispatchers.

  • Make rides more cost-effective
  • Improve efficiency and safety
  • Enhance customer experience


See how Tobi automates dispatching

Tobi’s algorithms suggest the most efficient way to schedule trips.

  • Schedule rides with one click
  • Manage multiple fleets
  • Create new bookings and import data in bulk


See how Tobi streamlines scheduling

Tobi’s intelligent route assignment makes routing more efficient.

  • Save time and money
  • Leverage real-time driver routing
  • Accurately monitor and manage your fleet


See how Tobi optimizes routing

Tobi takes the guesswork out of getting paid. Track and resolve issues with invoices and claims in one place.

  • Eliminate human error
  • Handle claims quickly and efficiently
  • Work with any billing platform


See how Tobi simplifies billing and claims

Tobi makes compliance a breeze. Track, record, and verify service delivery electronically with GPS data.

  • Track vehicles with GPS technology
  • Streamline driver workflows and records management
  • Manage e-attestation and claims accurately

See how Tobi simplifies compliance

Automate NEMT Dispatching with Tobi
Streamline NEMT Scheduling with Tobi
Automate Route Management with Tobi
Simplify NEMT Billing and Claims with Tobi
Offload the Compliance Burden Animation

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Tobi helps you keep your monthly costs predictable.

Pay-as-you-Grow Pricing

Onboard unlimited users and unlimited drivers. Pay a straightforward monthly fee on the number of vehicles in your fleet and the trips you complete.

*Minimum two vehicles. You’ll be charged $100 per month after 30-day trial ends.

(minimum two vehicles)

Enterprise Pricing

Run your business and leave the hassle to us. Tobi is built for growing NEMT businesses. We work with you to customize a pricing structure that fits the next stage of your business growth.

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Efficient Transport Management

The Smart Way to Manage
Transport Operations

Booking Portal

Create dedicated dashboards for specific institutions.

Autonomous Dispatch

Use smart algorithms for real-time driver selection and routing.

Route Planner

Optimize routes with a click.

Multi-Fleet Management

Easily manage multiple fleets on one dashboard.

Advanced Pricing Models

Auto-apply custom pricing structures across fleets.

Bulk Data Import

Create new bookings or import data in bulk.

Live Messaging

Leverage real-time communication for dispatchers and drivers.

Driver Shift Management

Schedule shifts and manage time-off requests easily.

Tobi Driver App

Integrate seamless trip management and navigation with a mobile app for drivers.


Rated 5 Stars for Customer Service & Value for Money

5 Star Rating

NEMT fleet owners and dispatchers love our customer service and find Tobi to be a good value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of the most common questions that will help you
better understand how Tobi can fit your needs.

You can start with as few or as many drivers as you want. There is no charge for onboarding drivers and setting up driver profiles.

No. Tobi is meant to be used by NEMT fleets of all sizes

Yes! Our experts are available 24 hours a day to help you get set up and train your staff on how to use Tobi better.

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