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Frequently Asked Questions

Rev-up your NEMT operations with Tobi – a solution created by
industry veterans, designed to optimize every part of your NEMT workflow.

NEMT software is designed to help transport providers manage their services efficiently. It works by digitizing the process for NEMT dispatching, scheduling, fleet tracking, billing, and reporting. Tobi is an NEMT business management solution.

Tobi helps improve business efficiency by automating manual NEMT tasks. It also provides real-time tracking of vehicles and drivers and helps optimize routes to reduce travel time and costs.

NEMT software, like Tobi, comes with a companion Driver app that works on any standard smartphone. It can track vehicles and drivers in real-time, helping manage schedules and dispatching, monitoring driver punctuality, and enabling driver communications. This helps fleet managers optimize routes and reduce travel time.

Tobi securely stores and manages customer information, including contact details, medical information, and transportation preferences.
It also automates invoicing, billing, and claims processing – generating invoices and tracking payments. Alternatively, Tobi can also integrate with any 3rd party billing software you currently use.

Yes! Tobi can potentially integrate with any other software ecosystem using an API. We currently work with leading Medicaid brokers and medical billing providers and regularly add to the list of supported applications. Please contact us to find out if we support the specific broker you work with.

Tobi is a cloud-based NEMT software. You can access it through any device with a web browser and an internet connection.
With Tobi, you get 24/7 support on chat, plus email or phone support during business hours (9 am – 5 pm EST).

Since Tobi doesn’t store any confidential patient health information, HIPAA is not an issue. However, we still take data security seriously. All your data is encrypted using the latest TLS 1.2 in a SOC2 compliant datacenter. All data access is audited.

Tobi is designed with compliance in mind. Our software helps you stay in line with all local, state, and federal regulations through electronic documentation, historical reporting, and real-time monitoring for any potential violation. By digitizing your operations, Tobi also ensures all your data is easily accessible for audits.

Yes, absolutely. Tobi streamlines your operations by optimizing routing and scheduling, reducing fuel consumption and unnecessary mileage. Our automatic alerts also help you keep drivers and vehicles in check, minimizing dead miles. Additionally, our software reduces manual work, freeing up staff time and reducing administrative overheads.

Our NEMT software ensures that your fleet operates smoothly and efficiently. By reducing wait times, providing accurate ETAs, and ensuring reliable service, we significantly enhance the user experience. Tobi also offers features like real-time tracking and live communication, so your drivers are always informed, and your customers are always satisfied.

Tobi provides tools to improve your operation efficiency and service reliability, leading to increased customer satisfaction and retention. This can lead to long-term profitability.

Higher efficiency means you can serve more customers without needing to expand your fleet or hire more people, directly boosting your revenue. Plus, our reports and historical data can provide insights into your operations, helping you identify potential areas for expansion or improvement.

Implementing Tobi into your operations is a simple and smooth process. After an initial consultation to understand your specific needs, our team will guide you through the setup and migration process. We also provide comprehensive training for your team to ensure you can fully utilize all features of our software.

The benefits of using Tobi start showing as soon as it is implemented. Initial changes, such as lower administrative work, improved routing, and increased transparency, are immediate. Deeper strategic benefits, like cost reduction, revenue growth, and improved customer satisfaction, can typically be noticed within 3 to 6 months of usage.

Tobi is a cloud-based software and works on a transparent pricing model. There is a flat rate fee of $50 per vehicle per month, plus a fee of $0.10 per trip.

Fleet operators can create profiles for and give access to unlimited dispatchers and drivers, plus access all the features and get ready customer support.

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