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The Right Tools to Efficiently Manage
Your NEMT Business

See how Tobi helps NEMT fleets of all sizes better manage their business operations.

Tobi NEMT Software Features


The Smart Way to Manage
NEMT Operations

Maximize Opportunities

Boost your fleet's productivity by optimizing each trip and eliminating idle time.

Save Time & Money

Streamline operations and reduce costs by automating processes and increasing your dispatchers' efficiency.

Scale & Grow Quickly

Rapidly expand operations with a scalable platform that's designed to work with minimal office staff.


Booking Portal

Now your healthcare clients and high-value customers have access to a dedicated facility portal. They can easily book new trips, manage existing ones, and track live trips – keeping them informed and in the loop.
  • Create a dedicated white label portal for your clients
  • Simplify trip booking and management
  • Track trips in real time
Tobi Facility Dashboard Feature


Multi-Fleet Management

Set up and manage multiple fleets across different locations, each with its own unique configuration, right from a single, intuitive dashboard.
  • Direct every fleet from a single dashboard
  • Define unique service areas and geofencing
  • Automatically log vehicle locations
Tobi Multi-Fleet Management Feature


Live Messaging

Streamline your operations, react swiftly to changes, and manage your fleet more efficiently than ever before.

  • Sync updates in real time
  • Easily enhance dispatcher-driver communications
  • Send messages to a single driver or to a group
Tobi Live Messaging Feature


Set Your NEMT Operations on
Cruise Control

Bulk Data Import

Book one ride or a thousand with equal ease, eliminating manual errors and saving valuable time.

  • Easily handle any number of bookings
  • Create new private pay bookings
  • Import trip information or any other data in bulk
Tobi Bulk Data Import Feature

Driver Shift Management

Streamline driver schedules, optimize productivity, and ensure your fleet runs smoothly.

  • Benefit from a built-in shift management system
  • Manage shift scheduling and time-off simply
  • Optimize fleet utilization
Tobi Driver Shift Management Feature

Autonomous Dispatch

Improve dispatching, maximize fleet utilization, and minimize idle time – without hiring more dispatchers.

  • Optimize with smart dispatch algorithm
  • Auto-suggests available drivers in real time
  • Enhance dispatching efficiency
Tobi Autonomous Dispatch Feature


Advanced Pricing Models

Tailor your fares to fit your unique needs and ensure every ride earns the revenue it should.

  • Setup advanced price rules
  • Set pricing by location, vehicle, and service
  • Set different pricing rules for different fleets
Tobi Advanced Pricing Models Feature


Push Notifications

Empower your drivers with instant alerts and guided workflows that keep your operations in sync and your service consistently efficient.

  • Streamline driver workflows
  • Ensures smooth and swift operations
  • Enhances communication and operational efficiency
Tobi Push Notifications Features



Keep a close eye on your operating costs and performance metrics with Tobi’s detailed and automated reporting system.

  • Get comprehensive operational reporting
  • Monitor revenue and assess driver performance
  • Continuously improve your service
Tobi Reporting Features
Route Planner Features with Transparent Background


Route Planner

With one click, your dispatchers can optimize routes to reduce transit time and fuel consumption.

  • Plan efficient multi-location routing
  • Automate route creation
  • Save time and fuel
Tobi Geofencing Feature


Track your entire fleet on a single dashboard with real-time updates to make your business more effective and compliant.

  • Use geo-boundary technology for precise service area control
  • Monitor your fleet in real time
  • Match operational regions to business needs
Payment Management features

Payment Management

Save time by automating invoicing and payment tracking while monitoring cashflow with precision.

  • Simplify your payment management system
  • Automatically track payments and handle invoicing
  • Maintain more accurate financial records


Service Code Definition

Automate how your dispatchers apply service codes for each trip, enhancing compliance and simplifying processes.

  • Auto-assign service codes for each trip
  • Ensure accurate and compliant billing
  • Reduce manual errors
Service Code Definition Features


Attestation and Claims Management

Digitize attestations and streamline claims submission and management to ensure error-free claims and shorter reimbursement cycles.

  • Make claims submissions more efficient
  • Shortens reimbursement cycles
  • Manage and monitor claim statuses easily
Attestation and Claims Management Feature


Tobi's Driver App

Free your drivers up to focus more on safety and provide exceptional customer service.

  • Give drivers a user-friendly mobile app
  • Consolidate trip management, live updates, and navigation
  • Enhance workflow efficiency
Tobi NEMT Driver App


Open API & Integration

Unlock seamless software integrations with Tobi’s open API. Extend your NEMT operation’s capability by interfacing with your preferred software applications.

  • Interface with top Medicaid brokerages
  • Increase flexibility with multiple billing platforms
  • Ensure secure and swift data sharing
Tobi NEMT Driver App


Monitor and Manage Your
Business from a Single Screen

Dispatcher using NEMT Software

Centralized Dashboard

Use a one-stop hub to monitor your vehicles, drivers, and trips in real time.

Automated Geo Alerts

Get real-time notifications when your vehicles
enter or exit designated zones, improving oversight.

Historical Data

Review past performance and analyze trends to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Claims and Billing Integration

Track unpaid claims, manage invoices, and streamline your revenue cycle more efficiently.