Tobi Cloud

Attestation and Claims Management

Shorten Your
Revenue Cycle

Digitize attestations and streamline claims submission and management to ensure error-free claims and shorter reimbursement cycles.

attestations and streamline claims submission and management

Seamless Management

Attestation and Claims Made Easy


Submit attestations electronically to automatically verify bookings and get broker approval without extra effort.

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate with third-party billing systems to process attestations and claims within the Tobi platform.

Claims Submission

Submit claims one at a time for individual rides or automatically in bulk for major accounts.


Simplify Claims Processing

From submitting claims to monitoring their status, Tobi’s integration with major applications like Kinetik and Transit Billing handles everything.

Tobi gives you the control to submit claims manually or automatically and updates their status. No more chasing after information – you get it all on your dashboard, in real time.



Streamline Attestation

Attestation is a critical step in NEMT operations because 3rd-party payers demand proof of trip completion. Tobi expedites this process.

Tobi fills in and submits attestations electronically. It then syncs the status to make the claim ready for submission. With electronic attestation, your staff spends less time on paperwork and more time on quality service.


Rated 5 Stars for Customer Service & Value for Money

5 Star Rating

NEMT fleet owners and dispatchers love our customer service and find Tobi to be a good value.

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Tobi gives you all the tools you need to improve your NEMT
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