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Route Planner

Simple Route Optimization

With one click, your dispatchers can quickly optimize routes to reduce transit time and fuel consumption.


Maximize Fleet Utilization
and Productivity

Route Planning

Enhance service quality and save on fuel costs by minimizing travel time and unnecessary mileage.

Real-Time Routing

Stay flexible and responsive with real-time route suggestions for selected trips, adapting to changes on the go.

Grouped Trips

Intelligently group rides by combining multiple trips into one efficient route, optimizing driver time and vehicle use.


Plan Routes with a Click

Simplify your dispatch process with Route Planner. With just a click, your dispatchers get smart route suggestions for selected trips, tailored to real-time factors like pickup location and time to deliver the most efficient routes. Tobi’s powerful algorithms let help ease the burden routing on your dispatch team.


Take Control of Your Fleet's Efficiency

Create routes days in advance to stay ahead of schedule and prepare for any contingencies, including last-minute scheduling challenges.

An organized schedule lets your dispatchers quickly route and effectively manage shared rides in real time, freeing up your resources to focus on other critical tasks. It also gives your drivers a clear understanding of their schedule and enables them to provide the best service to your clients.


Rated 5 Stars for Customer Service & Value for Money

5 Star Rating

NEMT fleet owners and dispatchers love our customer service and find Tobi to be a good value.

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Tobi Impacts All Areas of Your
NEMT Business

Tobi gives you all the tools you need to improve your NEMT
operations in one easy-to-use solution.

Booking Portal

Create a dedicated dashboard for
healthcare facilities to track every detail
about their patients and rides.
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Autonomous Dispatch

Streamline the dispatch process, improve fleet
utilization, and minimize idle time – without
hiring more dispatchers.
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Route Planner

Dispatchers can optimize routes to minimize transit time and fuel consumption with a single click.
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