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Top Influencers and Mentors in the NEMT Industry to Follow

Almost every industry has influencers on social media who create and curate content that audiences love and want more of. 

While the non-emergency medical transportation industry is more niche than many other sectors, many voices want to help providers reach their maximum potential. 

We found and highlighted five leaders within NEMT who consistently post popular, helpful, and creative content across social media, including YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. 

If you’re unfamiliar with them, we’ll share who they are and why we chose them, and even showcase some of the content they post that we think anyone in the NEMT industry will find valuable.  

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Jasmine Archie & Monica Barrett – MJ Reliable Transportation 


Where to follow: YouTube | Instagram | TikTok 

Typing “NEMT” in Google will quickly bring up tons of content from Jasmine Archie (CEO) and Monica Barrett (COO), owners of MJ Reliable Transportation in Brea, California.  

They do a great job of consistently posting quality content across various social media networks that offer tips and insights to new NEMT business owners on how they can get a head start in a lucrative yet competitive industry. 

Their YouTube channel alone has nearly 12,000 subscribers and is full of videos that discuss topics such as insurance, step-by-step videos, NEMT software, and more. 

“As two women leading our NEMT business, our journey is woven with a heartfelt dedication to making a difference in healthcare accessibility. Together, we navigate the path of compassion, ensuring that our business serves its purpose and becomes a source of inspiration for others. Guiding fellow NEMT business owners on this empowering venture adds a profound layer to our shared commitment to fostering positive impacts in the realm of NEMT.” 

-Jasmine Archie and Monica Barrett

Stephanie Harmon – S&S Logistic Services and Consulting 


Where to follow: YouTube | Instagram | TikTok | Facebook 

Stephanie owns and runs S&S Courier and Transportation and her own professional consultancy service for the NEMT and transportation industries.  

As a consultant, she helps NEMT owners succeed through innovative and transformative solutions designed to meet their unique needs.  

She’s experienced firsthand the challenges of seeking assistance and guidance, especially finding consultants who understood the intricacies of running a successful passenger transportation business beyond purchasing vehicles and contracting with brokers. 

Stephanie uses social media to offer pointers and advice for aspiring NEMT providers while answering follower questions and providing entertaining perspectives on owning an NEMT business. Her genuine desire to understand the entire landscape helps others grasp what makes an NEMT business thrive. 

“In navigating this path, I’ve come to realize the paramount importance of setting achievable goals, maintaining consistency, and embracing persistence. These elements have been instrumental in positively impacting the passenger transportation and NEMT communities, and I’m passionate about sharing these insights to contribute to the success of others in the industry.” 

-Stephanie Harmon
@stephanie_nemt_guru Getting Clients on your Transportation Business #NEMT #transportation #medicaltransportation #businesstips #nonemergencymedicaltransportation ♬ Aesthetic – Gaspar

Marina Lofley – NEMT Network 


Where to follow: Instagram | TikTok 

Marina Lofley started her own NEMT business at 23, where she quickly learned the many challenges entrepreneurs face in the NEMT space.  

As CEO of the NEMT Network, she uses her experiences to help coach and provide guidance for other NEMT operators who face the same or similar challenges that she did.  

With a focus on TikTok and Instagram, she uses these platforms to offer quick tips for growing an NEMT business and inspiration for those struggling to break into the industry. 

“I love helping NEMT providers because I understand the daunting process, especially during the start-up phase. NEMT is not just a business for me, it’s personal. When I started my NEMT business, there weren’t many coaches or resources. Having someone to contact who has industry experience can save a new provider an abundance of time and money. 

“Far too often, I see people wanting to enter the industry without understanding the reality of the day-to-day operations. A lack of knowledge can cause poor KPIs, customer service, exorbitant wait times, provider no-shows, and—ultimately—a failed business. Educating aspiring NEMT providers on the industry can improve their business, provide a higher quality of service for patients, and strengthen the industry.” 

-Marina Lofley 
@nemtnetwork Do not underestimate the amount of working capital you need when starting your NEMT business. . Many people dont realize a hefty down payment is often required on your insurnace policy. Depending on the policy premium, this can be thousands of dollars. . Visit our link in bio to sign up for our free e-mail list to stay up to date on current industry trends, discounts and contacts. . . . #n#nonemergencymedicaltransportationN#NEMTn#nonemergencymedicaln#nonemergencymedicaltransportb#businessownerS#SelfEmployedT#Transportationw#womanownedbusinesse#entrepreneur ♬ Da Girls (Girls Mix) [feat. Lola Brooke & Lady London] – Ciara & Lola Brooke & Lady London

Willena McGee – NEMT Startup Coach 


Where to follow: YouTube | Instagram | Facebook | TikTok 

Willena’s story is powerful. 

She started her own NEMT operation during the height of COVID-19, which presented many challenges, eventually forcing her to close her business.  

The cool part of Willena’s story is that she used her circumstances as motivation to help other NEMT entrepreneurs avoid common pitfalls and succeed in a demanding industry. 

As a coach and mentor, Willena posts insightful videos across social media that help answer common questions that new NEMT operators have and helpful long-form content that guides new owners on the best ways to start their business and keep it moving forward. 

“Many people ask how to start an NEMT business. I’m here to assist startup companies in laying that solid foundation by helping them do their homework. Having a coach helps entrepreneurs because it will help them plan and stick to it, teach them new skills to grow their business, give them feedback to make better decisions, motivate them to stay positive, and help them stay on track and accountable for their problems.” 

-Willena McGee 

Christopher Buell – NEMT Solutions Center 


Where to follow: YouTube | Facebook 

Christopher Buell has been in the NEMT industry for more than 25 years and has recently started to use his depth of experience to help others navigate it successfully. 

As the owner of NEMT Solutions Center, he helps clients develop their sales and marketing strategies, recruiting tactics, dispatch coverage, and more. 

His YouTube channel features interviews with successful NEMT entrepreneurs nationwide who share their secrets to success and helpful advice to those in the business.  

“My YouTube channel dedicated to NEMT sales was driven by a couple of things. My dad had been in sales his whole life, and it’s a little bit of a way to honor his memory and his lessons and share them with the world as well as to help me never forget those lessons.”  

-Christopher Buell