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Advanced Pricing Models

Competitive Pricing, Maximum Revenue

Tailor your fares to fit your unique needs and ensure every ride earns the revenue it should.

Price Rule for NEMT


Optimize Pricing to Plug
Revenue Leaks

Flexible Pricing Models

Increase your profit margins by charging appropriately for different types of services, service areas, or times.

Dynamic Adjustments

Adjust your pricing in real time and automatically apply it across all your fleets to stay ahead of your competitors.

Pricing Management

Automatically determine pricing with dynamic pricing rules based on trip parameters and your business goals.


Earn More Revenue Per Trip

Make the most out of every trip with our Advanced Pricing Models. Create price rules that are automatically applied based on parameters like area of service, vehicle type, service, time, or day of week, ensuring your pricing will always reflect the actual value of your service.

This dynamic pricing capability provides you with a powerful tool to maximize trip revenue while protecting your competitive edge in the market.

Advanced Pricing Models for NEMT


A Pricing Structure That Fits Your Business

With Tobi, you can set up a pricing structure that suits your business and customer needs. Create flexible pricing models that charge a premium during high-demand periods and keep prices competitive during off-peak days or seasons.

Maintaining a healthy balance between service availability and profitability gives you the flexibility to define your own success, whether you operate in a metropolitan or rural area.

Pricing Structure for NEMT

Rated 5 Stars for Customer Service & Value for Money

5 Star Rating

NEMT fleet owners and dispatchers love our customer service and find Tobi to be a good value.

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Tobi Impacts All Areas of Your
NEMT Business

Tobi gives you all the tools you need to improve your NEMT
operations in one easy-to-use solution.

Booking Portal

Create a dedicated dashboard for
healthcare facilities to track every detail
about their patients and rides.
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Autonomous Dispatch

Streamline the dispatch process, improve fleet
utilization, and minimize idle time – without
hiring more dispatchers.
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Route Planner

Dispatchers can optimize routes to minimize transit time and fuel consumption with a single click.
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