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Why should fleet operators use NEMT software for billing and claims management

Billing trips accurately and submitting claims for reimbursements are essential to non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) operations.  

However, it is complex and rife with errors when done manually.    

By automating billing and claims management, NEMT software can significantly decrease fleet operators’ time, labor, and costs.  

Digitizing this process helps fleet operators avoid rejected or denied claims and streamlines how they receive payments from insurers and brokers.  

Medicaid Billing and Claims    

Millions of Americans, including eligible low-income adults, elderly adults, pregnant women, children, and people with disabilities, have access to health coverage through Medicaid. The federal government and the states both contribute funding to this program.   

NEMT providers do not usually bill Medicaid patients since providers can claim the cost of transport directly from Medicaid.   

The healthcare system uses templatized billing to manage this payment process. Health insurance organizations require providers to submit, follow up, and appeal payment claims for their services.    

For submitting Medicaid claims, providers must follow specific guidelines. However, manually executing this process takes time and effort.  

Software for managing Medicaid claims can come in handy here, automating repetitive tasks.   

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How does NEMT software help in billing and claims management?  

NEMT providers use NEMT software to automate and streamline operations.  

With it, fleet operators can focus on providing seamless medical transportation and enhancing the patient’s experience while saving time, labor, and money.   

A streamlined billing module in their NEMT software lets fleet operators claim reimbursements faster and reduce administrative costs.    

The manual billing process is time-consuming. NEMT software automates billing, enabling operators to bill every trip accurately. It helps businesses save time and money that providers can use better elsewhere.    

Automating invoicing, billing reports, documentation, reminders, and tracking pay-ins are key benefits businesses can get with NEMT software. 

What are rejected claims?   

One of the most common challenges in the NEMT billing process is brokers rejecting claims.  

Rejected claims are claims the NEMT broker cannot process for technical reasons.    

The most frequent causes of rejected claims are:  

  • Clerical errors in the claims form  
  • Mistakes in matching ICD (International Classification of Diseases) codes   
  • Patient ineligibility for Medicaid   

NEMT providers must track and verify a patient’s health insurance coverage to avoid rejections and ensure a smooth and well-documented billing process.  

What are denied claims?  

Denied claims are received, processed, and then rejected by the broker because they were deemed ineligible for payouts.    

These claims might not comply with the terms of the payer-patient agreement, or they could have some other significant error that the broker discovered after processing.   

It takes a lot of effort to resubmit a denied claim. It is crucial to determine why the broker sent back the claim form.   

Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) or Electronic Remittance Advice (ERAs) are how denials are usually reported, where the broker includes a reason for the claim being sent back to the NEMT provider.  

This information is critical for submitting an appeal to reconsider the denied claim.  

How can fleet operators avoid rejected and denied claims?    

Non-emergency medical transportation providers face many challenges in the claims management process, like filling out accurate claims data, handling denied claims, and reviewing and tracking payments.   

However, with NEMT software, claims management becomes easy, simple, and straightforward.      

Before submitting a claim, NEMT software digitizes and automates trip attestation and claim submission, ensuring compliance and reducing errors.  

Using billing software means providers are much less likely to run into problems with getting their claims approved, saving time and money.  

How does NEMT software improve the billing process?     

NEMT management software helps fleet providers better manage the billing process. 

NEMT billing software helps providers accurately bill every trip and save time, labor, and cost.   

Automate Billing  

When an NEMT provider tries to bill every trip manually, they increase the chances of making a mistake. Manual billing is also resource-intensive and expensive.  

NEMT billing software helps reduce costs and errors by digitizing the records and pulling information from the trip/booking details.      

Simplify Revenue Tracking  

With NEMT software, fleet operators can track the revenue cycle from beginning to end.  

It can help providers manage ride bookings, ensure reimbursement, document no-shows, manage denied and rejected claims, and receive reimbursements quickly.  

Streamline Claims Submission    

Trip and patient information are crucial in submitting the claims for every completed trip.  

After each trip, NEMT software can create and electronically submit the claims, reducing the compliance burden on fleet operators and making the process faster.  

Speed up Reimbursements    

The process can be lengthy since NEMT fleet operators usually get payments through brokers.  

With automated claim management, NEMT providers can track their claims and get reimbursements paid out more quickly.   

Streamline Workflow     

NEMT operations depend on different functions to work smoothly.  

Tasks like scheduling, dispatching, and billing operate independently.  

Manual workflows increase costs for businesses and leave room for human error.  

NEMT software unifies every step of this process for a more efficient operation, from scheduling trips to routing them to billing each trip.  

Improve Overall Experience     

Patient experience is crucial in the NEMT business.  

Mistakes in billing or trip attestations can mean repeated verification requests go out to customers, impacting the customer experience.  

NEMT software reduces the probability of errors while billing trips, improving the experience for providers and customers.    


NEMT software can streamline the billing and claims management process for fleet operators. It can automate documentation and reduce errors in the claim management process.    

As an operations management solution, NEMT software helps business owners track and manage fleets and improve stakeholder communication and coordination.  

By using NEMT software, fleet operators can reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve their quality of service. 

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