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Investing in the Right NEMT Software to Streamline Your Operations

As a non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) service provider, buying the first piece of shiny new software you see can be tempting.  

While almost any software is likely better than manually tracking and scheduling your transport services, it doesn’t mean it’s the right software for your business. 

Your capital is valuable.  

You want to be confident that the money you put into software will give you the desired return.  

How can you be sure you’re investing in the right NEMT software? In this article, we’ll look at what comprises quality NEMT software, which features you’ll need, and how it can propel your operations into the future. 

What Makes for a Good NEMT Software Solution? 

How do you measure what is “good” regarding non-emergency medical software solutions?  

There are a lot of options in the marketplace. It all boils down to the available feature offering and the track record for improvements over time. 

A vendor may come out with top-tier NEMT software but never update it. If they are not reinvesting in that product, the extensive feature set it came out with initially will run dry over time. It will become stale, and you will end up with an out-of-date solution.  

You want a solution full of features now and a commitment to add on components over time. 

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Features You Should Be Seeking In NEMT Software 

What are some of the features you should seek out as part of your software solution?  

These built-in innovations should help you complete the integration cycle with the broker, scheduling, managing the trips, handling claims, billing, and more. 

Open API 

Looking for software with an open API allowing for easy broker integration is critical. You want your broker to be able to connect with you to assign you jobs to execute.  

With software having an open API, integration is easy, allowing them to shift jobs your way automatically. 

Automated Scheduling 

Scheduling features can make the workflow of your dispatchers incredibly efficient. 

With just a click of a button, NEMT software can instantly book, organize, and plan optimal routes for your fleet.  

An intuitive dashboard also gives you a line of sight into how open or full your schedule is over the weeks ahead, giving you better planning capabilities. 

Route Optimization 

After you’ve created the most efficient trip schedule, it’s crucial to manage each ride effectively.  

Incredible advances in AI and GPS have allowed NEMT software to plan the best routes for thousands of rides in seconds, giving your drivers the most efficient way to get to and from each destination.  

Thanks to a real-time, interactive interface, trips can be automatically rerouted if traffic or an accident is causing delays. 

Route optimization features provide a streamlined solution that minimizes the time and distance between pickups and drop-offs.  

Billing Automation 

While no one particularly loves the process, the billing cycle is where you make money.  

Manually filing claims is tedious and error-prone, resulting in claim denials and delayed payments.  

Thanks to the latest NEMT software, all your claims can be automatically filed, along with the invoices set to patients using your services. You can even track the status of claims and invoices in real time, so you know exactly where everything stands. 

Having features allowing for automatic billing and receipt of payments can set you up to cut down on the administrative costs of doing all this manually. 

Never Settle for Anything Less Than Ideal 

If you are signing on with a software provider that doesn’t help you automate your entire trip life cycle—from getting the job to scheduling to execution and billing—you are missing out on potential value. 

Take your time when searching for a software provider.  

Be sure they have a suite of features and software as a service (SaaS) solution that allows for automation and helps you net gains that outweigh the initial acquisition cost.  

On top of that, have a vendor committed to adding on features over time, utilizing the cloud for delivery. 

Differentiators to Help You Beat the Competition 

What can help make NEMT software stand out in the market? Are there differentiators that allow you to beat the competition?  

The NEMT industry is full of competitors. You need to use technology to find ways to innovate and to stay a step ahead.  

Some software solutions, like Tobi, have features you may not know to ask for but can be a real differentiator. 

Advanced Pricing Models 

One such feature is the automation of rate delivery. How much time do you spend pricing out transportation jobs?  

It can differ depending on the variables that come into play, but it typically depends on the distance you need to travel for the job, the type of vehicle necessary, the time of day, and more.  

Software that allows you to formulate rates—setting up the pricing for you—can be invaluable.  

Auto-rates is a feature you may not think about but should ask for, as it can allow you to price jobs on the spot and secure bookings with brokers more easily. 

In-Depth Reports 

Having the correct reports at your disposal can be a potent tool for providing valuable data insights.  

Ensuring the reports are accurate and informative is essential to gain the full advantage of their insights.  

Data drives performance, adaptation, and alterations in what you do.  

Generating reports with pivots on data you care about can give you the proper insights you need to succeed.  

Data points on the average distance of travel, timeliness of pick-ups, and fleet management costs can all be easily combined via report-generation features

How Tobi Can Help 

At Tobi, we provide NEMT companies with an all-in-one solution to manage every aspect of your business.  

Our NEMT software offers the latest features to help you reach the next level of service to your customers, including: 

  • Autonomous dispatching 
  • Optimized route planning 
  • Multi-fleet management 
  • Advanced pricing models 
  • User-friendly driver app and more 

Whether you’re a start-up transportation provider looking to kick off on the right foot or an established transit agency aiming to improve efficiency and integrate with new technologies, Tobi will meet your needs now and into the future.