Are You Investing in the Right NEMT Software? Check Now!

As a non-emergency medical transport(NEMT) service provider, it can be tempting to get the first piece of decent software you see. Almost any software is likely better than manual tracking, scheduling of transport services.

Your capital is valuable. It would be best if you had the certainty that the money you invest in the software will give you the return you expect. Are you sure you are investing in the right NEMT software? Let us dig deeper to have a look.

What Makes for a Good NEMT Software Solutions?

How do you measure “good” when it comes to non-emergency medical software solutions? There are a lot of options in the marketplace. It all boils down to the feature offering made available and the track record for improvements over time.

A vendor may come out with a top-tier NEMT software but never update it. If they are not reinvesting in that product, the extensive feature set it came out with initially will run dry over time. It will become stale, and you will end up with an out-of-date solution. You want a solution full of features now and a commitment to add on components over time.

Features You Should Be Seeking In NEMT Software

What are some of the features you should seek out as part of your software solution? These features should help you complete the cycle of integration with the broker, scheduling, managing the trips, handling claims, billing, and more.

Looking for software with an open API allowing for easy broker integration is critical. You want your broker to be able to connect with you to assign you jobs to execute. With software having an open API, integration is easy, allowing them to shift jobs your way automatically.

Scheduling features must be plentiful as this allows you to see and manage drivers, as well as your fleet of vehicles. Having a line of sight into how open or full your schedule is over the weeks ahead can give you better planning capabilities.

Once the schedule begins execution, trip management is also crucial. With trip management features, you can give drivers the most efficient way to get from one destination to the next. If traffic is ahead or accidents, trip management allows for a seamless diversion.

The next step is billing. The cycle needs to conclude with the filing of claims with automation and the invoicing to patients using your services. When you have features allowing for automatic billing and receipt of payments, that can set you up to cut down on administrative costs of doing all this manually.

Never Settle for Anything Less Than Ideal

You never want to settle for anything less than ideal. If you are signing on with a software provider that does not help you automate your entire life cycle of a trip, from getting the job to scheduling to execution and billing, you are missing out on potential value.

Take your time when searching for a software provider. Be sure that they have a suite of features and software as a service solution that allows for automation helps you net gains that outweigh the initial cost of acquisition. On top of that, have a vendor committed to adding on features over time utilizing the public cloud for delivery.

Differentiators to Help You Beat the Competition

What can help make NEMT software stand out in the market? Are there differentiators to allow you to beat the competition? The NEMT industry is full of competitors. You need to use technology to find ways to innovate, to stay a step ahead. Some software solutions, like Tobi, have features you may not know to ask for but can be a real differentiator.

One such feature is the automation of rate delivery. How much time do you spend pricing out transportation jobs? It differs with all the variables coming into play. It will depend on the distance you need to travel for the job, the type of vehicle necessary, time of day, and more. Software that allows you to formulate rates, letting it do the pricing for you, can be valuable. Auto-rates is a feature you may not think about but should ask for, as it can allow you to price jobs on the spot and secure bookings with brokers easier.

Do you have trip data, jobs complete, you want to import into your data hub? A lot of this happens manually. You may get jobs outside of the software requiring entry one at a time. It can be tiresome and opens the door up to mistakes. Audit-readiness import validations is a feature that can eliminate all of this.

Reports can be powerful tools to give you data insights. Data drives performance, adaptation, alternations in what you do. When you can generate reports with pivots on data you care about, it can give you information to succeed. Data on the average distance of travel, timeliness of pick-ups, costs of fleet management all can be combining via report generation features.

Help your patients, help your business grow, and choose a right NEMT software provider you trust today and into the future.

Advantages of NEMT Software You Cannot Ignore

Technology continues to change the landscape of every industry. The non-emergency medical transport industry is no strange to technological advantages. The most prominent players in the industry are using technology and software as competitive advantages. NEMT software gives non-emergency medical transport providers the ability to optimize their fleet, manage schedules, invoice, and more.

All this automation creates efficiency, freeing up resources to focus on expanding your business rather than keeping the boat afloat. With that said, let us focus on some significant advantages of NEMT software advantages you cannot ignore.

Getting from Point-to-Point Faster

One significant advantage of NEMT software is helping optimize the trip from point to point. When your driver gets behind the vehicle to transport a patient, they may know the destination, but do they know the fastest way? Do they have a line of sight into the traffic situation? The software enables all this and more.

With NEMT software, it will tell the driver the fastest way. When there is an accident on the highway ahead, it may divert the driver to backroads, paths he or she may not know, to get to the destination on time despite the obstacle. It is this type of real-time alteration that only NEMT software can assist.

Tracking the Vehicle Fleet

Do you know where your fleet is always? If someone is running behind to pick up a patient, can you give that patient an accurate estimate of the arrival time? All this gets enablement via NEMT software. The software always provides you global positioning of your entire fleet. It will help detect potential issues before they end up a problem.

A scenario of vehicle tracking benefits is having a person with a schedule to pick up a patient at a particular time. Based on the tracking, you know that he or she is not going to make it to the pick-up on time. The software may alert you of their estimate of arrival. Knowing this, you can then instantly communicate with another driver in the area, perhaps diverting that person to make the pickup on time rather than late. Without real-time tracking and automation, this is not possible.

Staying in Contact with Drivers and Brokers

Speed of communication is crucial in the non-emergency medical transport industry. The more you can communicate in real-time, the better the results across the board. Drivers will feel more confident in what they are doing, and brokers will be more efficient in delivering jobs for the fleet.

The software allows for phone calls, alerts, instant messaging, all to happen in real-time. You can have a fleet out on the road and have a broker, via the software, deliver a job to a driver you have in an area of a pick-up.

This type of on-demand request, which you see from other companies like Uber with shuttle service offerings, is very effective. Adaptation of NEMT software delivery and technology can enable non-emergency medical transport professionals to deliver in real-time. Without software driving communication, it requires old-school phone calls and delays.

Managing the Patient Portal

Patients want the ease of use when setting up an account and scheduling a pick-up for a drive to their appointment. A patient portal allows for all this to happen without the need for a phone call or manual work.

NEMT software allows patients to set up an account with you directly or with your broker partner. They can enter their insurance information for Medicaid and other solutions, contact info, disability needs, and more.

From there, the patient can schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments at will.

When a ride is over, the software can allow patients to have their claim submission done automatically. The claim will go to Medicaid or whoever holds the insurance for payment. If there is any patient responsibility, invoice generation and payment processing again are all software-driven and secure. This is one of the major advantages of NEMT software.

Understanding Your Driver Availability

Do you know when you have drivers available to manage your fleet? You could have a whole fleet of vans but no one to drive them. Drivers can input their availability into non-emergency medical transport software to help with scheduling. That way, you are scheduling when you know you have vehicles and drivers as a tandem. Allowing the power to let drivers dictate their availability keeps things open and transparent.

Keeping Up with Fleet Maintenance and Management

Managing your fleet is crucial, and that includes maintenance of the vehicles. Do you know when you need to change the oil of a specific vehicle? When was the last time you did a tire rotation? All this information needs management and using software to drive these needs is critical. It is too difficult to go by gut feel, and the last thing you want is a patient broken down on the road.

Reporting to Drive Business Gains

Do you know how many rides you did last month? What is your trajectory or growth over a set period? What is the average distance of each non-emergency medical transport ride? All this is information you can get through NEMT software with built-in reporting. Having a dashboard of data to customize to conclude from can help you strategically grow your transport business over time. It gives you a line of sight into where your business is coming from and what to target next.

There is a lot of potential when it comes to NEMT software and the non-emergency medical transport industry. The potential impacts every piece of your business, from receiving your request for a means of transport, managing the drivers, fleet, patient, billing, and everything in-between.

Software like Tobi Cloud allows automation of all this and more. The advantages of NEMT software are overwhelming and the ones who take advantage will persevere in a technologically driven market.

How Does NEMT Software Operate?

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is critical in assisting individuals in getting to medical appointments and relatable activities. The goal of any non-emergency medical transportation service provider is to be prompt, diligent and help improve the quality of life for their clients and the community as a whole. Technology continues to boost NEMT software. It brings with it new efficiencies to help the brokers and transport professionals work more effectively and efficiently.

Why the Need for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

Lack of transportation options is a barrier to healthcare access. The population in the United States continues to get older. By the year 2060, 25% of all Americans will be over the age of 65. The number of Americans over the age of 85 will triple in that time. As they get older, these are individuals who will find it harder to drive a car, get up and downstairs, and get to doctor’s appointments timely. Preventative care with a doctor is critical to identify health issues early and address them before becoming a crisis.

Non-emergency medical transportation exists to help folks be prompt in getting their appointments done, talking to their doctor about their health, and getting the care they need. When you cannot go see your doctor due to not having a car or a disability, it could lead to more medical issues down the line.

Not every trip to the doctor requires a 9-1-1 call. It could just be that you do not have a car. It is for these reasons that non-emergency medical transportation providers exist and thrive in the aging population.

The Technology Twist to Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

You may be or have already put a decision on becoming a non-emergency medical transport service provider. Jumping into this market means you need to understand the business as a whole. The industry goes far beyond just getting a vehicle and picking up, dropping off patients from one appointment to the next. Technology is leading the charge as this industry evolves with the times.

It was not long ago that non-emergency medical transportation companies did everything by phone. Someone would call to get an appointment, and they get on the schedule. The car would show up, drive them to the appointment, and move on.

Things are different now, though, and it is far easier to do all this and manage a growing fleet via software rather than manual processes. Using data, GPS technology, and scheduling solutions allows you to increase your ability to change the game for patients.

Benefits of NEMT Software

There are considerable benefits to moving to NEMT software solutions for patients, dispatchers, as well as care facilities. Understanding where the benefits come into play for each of the core parties to non-emergency medical transportation gives you the complete picture of the solution.

Patient benefits start with ease of scheduling, promptness, and communication. If you are a patient trying to make an appointment for a non-emergency medical transport, you may not have the foresight to call and schedule weeks in advance. With smartphones and software solutions, you could use software to request a vehicle on-demand. You can see what is available to you, make the request, and get a communication response instantly. There may be no need for you ever to pick up the phone. Patients can use the software to enter their medical insurance information, contact details, and more.

Dispatchers love NEMT software as it allows them to be effective and precise in what they do. If a dispatcher gets a request for transport to a doctor’s appointment, the software gives them the schedule right in front of them. On top of that, they can see where all the vehicles in the fleet are at this time. If one vehicle is running behind, they will know that thanks to the software, they can quickly pivot to send another vehicle for that next pick up. It allows for improvements to promptness and diligence, letting the software help you execute the task.

Care facilities get a lot of information from non-emergency medical transport software to help them with their patients. Transport providers can give insights to care facilities if the patient will be late due to an issue with the fleet. On top of that, care facilities can also subscribe to the software to help refer patients to the service. The care facility may even use the software to help set up the appointment for the patient.

It is all about making things easy, transparent, and efficient across the board.

NEMT and the Need for Software

The industry for non-emergency medical transportation continues to grow. As the population gets older, more will need medical transportation to get to doctor’s appointments timely. By the year 2026, according to Zion Market Research, the healthcare transportation industry will grow by $10 billion to become a $31 billion industry. Non-emergency medical transportation is the fastest-growing segment of that, with a growth rate of over 4% during that time.

With integration into the healthcare system, Medicaid insurance covering transports, the need is rising, and demands increase. Your business needs to be ready to handle the demand.

NEMT software takes all the management of the business and puts it into the automation funnel. It takes in requests for transport, does automatic scheduling, allows patients to manage reservations, and more. Drivers get automation when it comes to maps and routes with traffic information in real-time. Billing and reports with relation to the invoices are also one-to-one.

As a non-emergency medical transport service provider, you need technology and software to help you grow with the demands. Managing schedules, your fleet, increasing flexibility, and communication are all critical components.

Software solutions like Tobi continue to make it easier to execute your mission and provide the best possible service to clients with each ride.