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How NEMT Software Benefits Your Drivers

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) drivers are in high demand because of an aging population and the constant need for non-emergency medical transportation. This demand means that retaining drivers is a crucial part of your business. Technology plays a central role in retaining drivers and enhancing business operations. NEMT software bridges the communication gap that can exist between dispatcher and driver, and driver and passenger, removing many of the frustrations drivers face.

The key benefits drivers gain from NEMT software are reporting and optimization, automated billing, NEMT driver applications, enhanced GPS technology, and streamlined communication with passengers.

Reporting and Optimization

NEMT software allows you to run reports that provide invaluable insight for optimizing your business. The more you know about routes and rides, the more informed your decisions will be. This data-informed approach benefits your drivers, too, because improved strategies help them get better rides and increase efficiency.

For example, if your reports signal that one of your drivers drove twice the distance of any other driver, you’ll want to dig into that statistic. Why is that? You might discover that the driver’s rides weren’t optimized for their location, giving you a chance to make adjustments that benefit you both.

The best businesses constantly refine and evolve their processes. Drivers want to work for organizations that innovate to make their work simpler and more efficient. When you use metrics and key insights, you help everyone that works for you reap the benefits.

Automated Billing

In the not-so-distant past, collecting payment for rides could be a time-consuming and headache-inducing process. Drivers and riders handled transactions manually, with paper records and cash exchanges that often resulted in errors. These manual transactions created an unnecessary burden on transportation businesses, not to mention the additional liabilities for drivers with large sums of cash in their vehicles.

NEMT software gets rid of this cumbersome, disorganized process. Digital automated billing takes the pressure off drivers to figure out fares and creates a trail of payment histories. Drivers don’t have to demand payment at the end of every ride.

Automated billing also makes it easy for drivers to get paid quickly. The money for rides goes straight to them and doesn’t require cash to exchange hands. Digital payments mean quicker paydays with less hassle.

NEMT Driver Apps

Driver apps are the main benefit of NEMT software for drivers. A driver app can be accessed through mobile and connected to modern car’s Bluetooth systems, if desired. The app is a feature of NEMT software feature that makes it easy for drivers to view their daily trips, schedule new rides, and make any necessary adjustments throughout the day. The app is also a direct communication tool between dispatcher and driver, and driver and passenger. 

NEMT drivers work in a fast-paced environment, so the importance of driver apps cannot be overstated. Driver apps verify the location in real-time and help drivers make informed decisions about routes to get passengers to their destinations on time. They help drivers deal with issues because the fleet and dispatchers are only a message away.

Driver apps collect timestamps, odometer readings, and GPS location data for every trip, which leads to better routes and more efficient decisions in the future. They also notify passengers when their ride is arriving and provide a place for passengers to get real-time updates. This helps ensure drivers stay on schedule and assist the most people they can each day with rides.

Enhanced GPS Technology

Nothing is more frustrating for a driver than a slow route or wrong turns. With NEMT software, drivers avoid these pitfalls. Drivers simply plug a passenger’s address into the GPS feature and follow the in-app navigation turn by turn. GPS is designed to find the quickest, most efficient routes for every trip to avoid traffic jams, accidents, poor road conditions, and more.

GPS tracking also allows you to monitor your fleet of drivers. This benefits drivers as well because GPS tracking helps dispatchers be proactive when they discover a route is not on a schedule. Once dispatchers know the root cause of the issue, they communicate internally with your team and externally to your customers to develop a solution. This can help prevent further delays for passengers who may be scheduled for routes later in the day.

The real-time information flowing between dispatchers and drivers makes everyone’s lives easier and more efficient. When drivers and dispatchers work together to glean insights from updates on traffic and scheduling, it leads to better decisions. By making route adjustments and communicating with your riders, your team enhances customer satisfaction and keeps your vehicles and drivers prompt and reliable.

Streamlined Communication with Passengers

Every driver needs a feature that makes communicating with passengers easy. Speed of communication is crucial in the NEMT business. Drivers and patients feel better when communication is readily available and simple.

NEMT software allows for phone calls, alerts, and instant messaging to happen in real-time, while maintaining privacy. Because all communication happens through the mobile app, though, neither your drivers nor your riders have their private phone numbers exposed.

The availability of this feature acts as a reliable safeguard in case drivers need to communicate with passengers before or after the ride. In this way, NEMT software increases the effectiveness and efficiency of communication between drivers and riders, improving the experience for both sides.

The Bottom Line

NEMT software benefits drivers because it streamlines parts of the job that used to be cumbersome and possesses features that make the job easier than ever. Drivers can focus on getting passengers from their pickup spot to their drop-off location efficiently. They don’t need to worry about collecting cash payments or figuring out how to avoid an unexpected delay on their route.

NEMT software can play a major role in increasing your drivers’ satisfaction and motivation, as well as improving the experience of your riders—ultimately helping you improve your retention rates for both.

Software solutions like Tobi Cloud make it easier to enhance your NEMT business and provide superior service to clients. Contact us today to learn more about how Tobi Cloud can help take your business to the next level.