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11 Ways to Improve Your NEMT Business

The non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) industry is constantly evolving, and business owners must stay ahead of the curve to remain competitive.  

Running an NEMT business effectively can be a daunting task. However, you can succeed and take your business to new heights with the right approach and strategy. 

This article outlines 11 tips and practical insights to help you grow and flourish in the competitive NEMT industry and drive your NEMT business to the top.    

1. Provide Exceptional Customer Service   

In the NEMT industry, high-quality customer service is one of the most crucial elements for driving business growth.  

Prompt, reliable transportation and effective communication are essential to exceptional customer service.    

Being responsive to customer needs and going above and beyond to provide a great experience builds a positive reputation and attracts new business.   

As an NEMT business owner, you must invest in customer service training and technology to enhance the overall customer experience.    

Automated systems, real-time tracking, and clear communication can help resolve any unforeseen issues during rides, ensuring a seamless experience for passengers.    

You can establish a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy transportation provider by prioritizing high-quality customer service. Providing exceptional service can also lead to positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals, further cementing your business reputation. 

In a competitive industry, investing in customer service can make all the difference in driving your NEMT business to the top.   

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2. Focus on Being Prompt and Diligent as a Business 

To win in the non-emergency medical transportation industry, you must be on time… no matter what.  

You won’t get a call back if you pick up an individual later than they expected or fail to get them to an appointment on time. 

When you say you will pick a patient up, your driver must be on time. Respecting the time of your patients and clients is vital. 

Diligence is also essential.  

To provide excellent customer service, show that you care by helping customers get into their vehicle, engaging in friendly conversation, dressing professionally, and maintaining a professional demeanor. 

Promptness and diligence go a long way to helping you achieve success in the non-emergency medical transportation space. 

3. Training Your Staff with Soft Skills 

We can all learn to improve our social skills in some way. As an NEMT provider, you are a customer-facing organization. 

You are sending drivers out to pick up individuals and then transporting them to their destination.  

These customers will all have different social traits, tendencies, and behaviors. Your employees need to know how to work with the various behavioral characteristics they come across.  

Training in this space can prove helpful. 

Versatility is critical in the soft-skill space. When your employees show they have soft skills, it will help them connect with customers.  

It could be as simple as helping them through a difficult day or preparing for an appointment they are nervous about.  

Behavioral training can help improve relationships with your passengers and prepare your employees for whatever comes their way. 

4. Push Forward with Technology 

One way NEMT providers can improve with every transport is to leverage the latest technology.  

Not long ago, all non-emergency medical transportation business would come in via a phone call. You would call a provider to book the trip. They would then pick you up and take you to your appointment.  

These days, when running an NEMT business, there are more efficient ways to do things. 

Software and the public cloud are leading the charge with new options. Folks now have smartphones in their hands, with the ability to hop on applications.  

On-demand requests allow someone to request a non-emergency medical transportation service on the spot. That service can then get a notification, pick up the individual, and have software tell them the fastest way. 

5. Building Business Partnerships for Growth 

It is challenging to grow your business alone. It would help if you had partners along the way who can help you achieve the growth you’re looking for. 

The non-emergency medical transportation industry presents the need to broker business relationships. It includes relationships in the technology space, vehicle space, and more. 

Technology partnerships are critical to stay a step ahead of the competition. Differentiating factors such as software deals can help you offer clients a unique experience. Software such as Tobi can help customers reach you on demand. 

To help you respond promptly, customize your offerings, and reach patients to their destinations timely. Brokering partnerships with technology providers can give you the edge to set yourself apart. 

You need partnerships with other businesses, such as in the automobile space. If you do not have vehicles, how do you intend to transport people from one location to the next? Setting up partnerships with the makers of these vehicles can go a long way. 


Broker relationships with medical providers are also critical. A patient may have a doctor they need to visit. If they ask the doctor for help getting to the appointment, and the doctor already has a relationship with your non-emergency medical transportation, you may win that business. 

Working with NEMT brokers can help you in growing your business. A broker has contacts with various medical companies, care homes, and other sources of clients that can help you fill your schedule and keep your drivers busy. Partnering with a NEMT broker can boost your business with minimal effort.  


Establishing a robust professional network is also essential for the growth and success of your NEMT business.   

Incorporating professional networking into your business strategy is a wise investment. By networking with peers and industry experts, you can gain valuable knowledge and insights into industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies.   

Building a solid network also opens doors to new business prospects and potential partnerships. Collaborating with individuals within your network can provide opportunities for sharing resources, potentially reducing costs.   

Building relationships with industry members allows you to expand your network, establish credibility, and position yourself as a thought leader. Attending events, joining professional organizations, and actively participating in online communities are great ways to build your network and make meaningful connections.  

6. Proper Vehicle Maintenance 

Part of improving your NEMT operations means taking vehicle maintenance schedules seriously.  

It could be easy to assume that users will see you again tomorrow if your vehicles ran great today, but that’s not always true. 

Having all your vehicles on a regular maintenance schedule can be beneficial. Ensuring oil is replaced, brakes are checked, and tires are rotated are critical practices. Getting each vehicle on a consistent maintenance schedule can help you avoid the need for costly repairs and extensive downtime. 

Working with a local repair shop can allow your fleet to get the attention it needs. Ignorance of your fleet can lead to extensive repair bills.  

The last thing you want is for your customer to miss their appointment because of a breakdown on your way to an appointment. 

7. Ensure ADA Compliance 

NEMT providers must follow the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines because individual states mandate compliance with private NEMT fleets.   

By meeting these regulations, you ensure legal compliance and provide an accessible and inclusive service for all your customers.   

This foresight will let you attract new customers and distinguish yourself from competitors who fail to prioritize accessibility.    

The population of seniors will double by 2060, so providing accessible transportation services is becoming increasingly important in the NEMT industry.   

Overall, prioritizing accessibility and following ADA regulations is essential for your success as a medical fleet operator.  

By doing so, you can demonstrate your commitment to providing equal access to transportation for all customers and reap the rewards of growth, success, and increased customer satisfaction.   

One of the vital areas of your NEMT business relies on your vehicles.  

If you didn’t check to ensure that your cars are in ADA compliance before setting up your business, it’s time for you to evaluate them.  

Going through this step means you care for the most comfortable transportation possible for your clients.  

8. Manage Your Expenses 

Starting your business was quite an investment; keeping it running means managing your expenses carefully, ensuring you have enough money to put into the business and pay your employees while remaining profitable.  

A great way to keep your NEMT business growing is to evaluate where you spend your money.  

There may be ways to reduce unnecessary spending while investing money into areas that will help your business succeed.  

For instance, when you started your business, you may have handled some aspects independently with DIY efforts, such as creating your website and marketing strategy.  

It may be time to evaluate your initial steps and invest in professional services, reworking your initial efforts to give them the polish they may lack.    

9. Leverage Online Marketing   

Speaking of marketing, the Internet has become indispensable for people seeking information and services in today’s digital age.  

As a result, having a robust online presence is essential for the success of any business, including your NEMT company.   

Creating a professional website, utilizing social media platforms, and using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to improve visibility on search engines are just some ways to boost your visibility online.   

In addition to reaching a wider audience, online marketing allows for targeted advertising and real-time tracking of your marketing efforts. This insight lets you understand customer behaviors and preferences, allowing you to make informed decisions and continuously improve your marketing strategies.   

An online presence is crucial for NEMT businesses, as it allows potential customers to find and learn about your services quickly. Digital marketing increases your online visibility and attracts new customers actively searching for transportation services.   

10. Invest in Quality Equipment   

As an NEMT provider, passenger and driver safety should be your highest priority. Investing in high-quality vehicles and safety gear is one of the easiest ways to ensure safety.    

Good equipment demonstrates your commitment to safety and contributes to a positive reputation, increasing business.   

While high-quality equipment may be costly upfront, it saves money in the long run by reducing the risk of equipment failure and minimizing repair and replacement costs.   

A well-maintained vehicle also creates an excellent first impression and enhances the passenger experience, which can lead to repeat business and referrals.   

When your equipment is in good condition, you can respond quickly to customer needs and provide seamless, efficient service. Better customer satisfaction can lead to positive word-of-mouth referrals, further boosting your business.   

High-quality equipment is crucial for success in the NEMT industry as it ensures smooth fleet operation, passenger safety, and better ride experiences.    

11. Follow the Latest Industry Trends   

By keeping up with the trends in the NEMT industry, you can enhance efficiency, compliance, competition, and good customer experience.   

New technologies and trends in the industry offer a range of benefits, such as:   

  • Compliance to regulations   
  • Staying ahead of the competition   
  • Improving customer experience   
  • Reducing operating costs   

By staying informed and ahead of the curve on emerging technologies in the NEMT industry, new regulations, and evolving customer expectations, you can drive your NEMT business forward and remain competitive.   


As the NEMT industry expands, businesses must stay competitive to remain at the top.  

To achieve this, implementing the strategies in this blog is crucial. These strategies can improve efficiency, build customer loyalty, and attract new customers to your NEMT business.    

The role of NEMT technology in giving businesses a competitive edge is also changing the playing field.  

Embracing new technologies, streamlining your operations, and delivering a high-quality customer experience are all keys to staying ahead of the competition and growing your business. 

Looking to improve your business by investing in the latest NEMT software solution? We’re ready to discuss how Tobi can make a difference in your operations.