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Popular NEMT Conferences

Are you always looking for ways to stay updated with the latest non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) industry trends?  

Do you want a platform that allows you to showcase your business and connect with other professionals and stakeholders who share your interests?  

Perhaps you’re looking for solutions to challenges faced by NEMT providers like yourself. If so, attending NEMT conferences could be the key you need. 

This article explores why investing in NEMT conferences is worth your time and resources and provides examples of some of the more popular national and state NEMT conferences throughout the year. 

Why You Should Attend NEMT Conferences 

Attending NEMT conferences can offer numerous benefits.  

It’s a great way to meet and network with your peers in the industry. Making and renewing professional connections is the best way to ensure your business stays ahead of the competition. 

Network with Leaders 

Firstly, you can network with industry leaders, potential business partners, and peers who understand the challenges and triumphs of NEMT.  

Engaging with these individuals can broaden your perspective and lead to collaborations you hadn’t imagined.  

Stay Up to Date 

Attending conferences can expand your knowledge of the NEMT industry, which is constantly shifting due to technological advancements.  

Attending these events ensures you’re in the loop, learning from experts and gaining insights that can directly benefit your operations.  

Compare Notes 

Conferences provide an opportunity to share experiences and solutions with peers on challenges NEMT providers commonly face.  

These issues are discussed and dissected, offering new strategies to address issues that may have previously seemed impossible.  

Regulatory Landscape 

With the NEMT sector being closely tied to healthcare, staying updated on regulatory changes becomes essential.  

These conferences often feature sessions that discuss recent policy shifts, helping your business remain compliant and aware of industry implications. 

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Top NEMT Conferences You Should Consider 

There are multiple conferences on a national and state level that are worth your consideration, including: 

National NEMT Conferences 

Popular State-level Conference 

Popular NEMT Conferences 

Conferences have become the nerve centers for handling current challenges and envisioning the future in the NEMT industry. Several gatherings this year have highlighted vital issues.  

NEMTAC Transform – Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Accreditation Commission 

NEMTAC hosts the exclusive Transform conference for the NEMT industry, bringing together leaders, business owners, and drivers to exchange insights and best practices. 

NEMTAC’s “Transform 2023” event was a pivotal gathering with exchanges between professionals, business owners, healthcare experts, and vendors.  

Gil Amado, Co-Founder of Tobi, shared his insights on growing an NEMT business via private pay clients.  

He emphasized the crucial role of building relationships in convincing facilities to opt for NEMT services, highlighting that trust is not built overnight. Change is complex, and investing time and effort in fostering trust is essential.  

Furthermore, he stressed the importance of educating potential clients and the public about the essence of NEMT and its numerous benefits. 

MHPA Annual Conference 

MHPA brings together managed care executives nationwide, innovative state and federal policymakers, and the beneficiaries they serve to work together in advancing Medicaid and managed care to meet the challenges and opportunities of today and tomorrow. 

The MHPA23 conference emphasized the direction Medicaid is headed, spotlighting “Leading Medicaid Forward.”  

The discussions were anchored around critical areas such as ensuring equity in healthcare, providing long-term services and support, recognizing the broader social determinants affecting health, and molding the policy framework to facilitate these objectives.  

NAMD Fall Conference 

The NAMD Fall Conference unites Medicaid directors from across the US to discuss the latest healthcare and public policy developments. The annual gathering shares best practices, fosters collaboration among state Medicaid programs and provides healthcare coverage to millions of low-income individuals and families. 

The NAMD Fall Conference enables Medicaid directors to network and improve program outcomes. It advances Medicaid’s mission of providing quality healthcare and promoting innovation and efficiency. The conference is significant in the ongoing evolution of Medicaid programs nationwide. 


CONNECT conference brings together industry professionals, community partners, elected officials, regulators, and keynote speakers to share information and insight on improving health outcomes and overall well-being. 

The 2023 event provided a holistic view of the state’s healthcare landscape with policy dialogues, marketplace updates, CEO panels, and regulatory overviews, all aimed at fostering a more interconnected healthcare ecosystem in Florida.  

Texas Covered Healthcare Conference + Expo 

Texas Covered is an outstanding healthcare event in Texas that convenes industry leaders, innovators, and influencers from all sectors of the healthcare industry.  

Its agenda is designed to address the most pressing issues in healthcare today, featuring insightful presentations, panels, and conversations. 

The 2023 conference presented a remarkable lineup of prominent speakers united in their mission to redefine the future of healthcare. They engaged in thought-provoking discussions to unlock new avenues for value, affordability, transparency, and accessibility. 

CAHP Annual Conference 

Join thousands of healthcare professionals to learn how California health plans respond to new laws and regulations, implement changes, and plan for the future. 

The 2023 CHAP Annual Conference focused its dialogue on healthcare transformation in California. Concerns about potential coverage disruptions for Medi-Cal residents became a focal point with the re-initiation of eligibility determinations. 

Covering New York – Health Plan Association’s Annual Conference and Expo 

This event brings together members of the healthcare community in New York each year.  

Participants include senior-level health plan executives, hospital and physician leaders, representatives from employer and consumer groups, academics, and policymakers. 

This annual program offers a chance to connect with healthcare thought leaders. The 2023 event sessions provided insight into crucial healthcare issues in New York, such as 

  • The factors driving healthcare costs and measures to improve affordability. 
  • Efforts to address racial inequities in health care. 
  • The role of public health in empowering New Yorkers to live healthier lives. 

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