top ten nemt features

Ten Must Have Features in NEMT Software

The services provided by non-emergency medical transportation providers are vital to the community. Many families rely on NEMT services to ensure that their family members can get to essential appointments. To be able to provide the best NEMT service to your customers and community, it’s crucial to have these features in NEMT software to run your business effectively, efficiently, and maximize the potential of your business.

1. Multi Fleet Capability

No matter the size of your current fleet, you’ll want to find NEMT software that offers the capability of handling multiple fleets. While your business may be smaller today, implementing this software now means you’ll be able to easily add to your fleet. Without having to implement new software or processes to be able to handle multiple vehicles. In addition, with the right software, you can manage one fleet and even multiple fleets for different companies utilizing the same platform.

2. Real-Time GPS Vehicle Monitoring

There are a lot of benefits that come from real-time GPS vehicle monitoring on a variety of fronts:

  • You can best keep track of your vehicles and drivers when using real-time GPS.
  • It can protect your staff, protect you regarding proper reporting, and help your business identify problem drivers.
  • It’s also great for your clients who need to be picked up and dropped off to help them be ready for their driver’s arrival.
  • It offers peace of mind for all stakeholders.

3. Auto-Scheduling

Scheduling your drivers and their routes can be complicated. Utilizing auto-scheduling with machine learning and AI helps to reduce the complexity of this job. Dispatch can rely on the auto-scheduling feature to handle many of your routes. Using this feature helps to free up your dispatchers to deal with more complex customer needs.  

4. Auto Trip Attestation

One thing that every business owner wishes to have is to streamline how they get paid. Therefore, a NEMT feature that is a must for your software is auto trip attestation. Thanks to how the software is designed, your trips are attested automatically and instantaneously as they are finished. That means that not only will your billing and payment be more accurate, but you’ll often get paid much faster.

5. Billing and Claims

Any software that you choose for your NEMT business should offer billing and claims features. Billing is one of the most critical factors of your business. It ensures that you get paid for the rides that your non-emergency medical transportation company is providing. Therefore, good NEMT software should have an option to use their billing and claims feature. Where it can be automatically updated with the data in the system after a ride occurs.

6. Integration

Are you worried about what you’ll do with your current billing company that you are used to working with for all of your billing and claims needs? The good news is that with the right NEMT software, you can use your own billing company so that you don’t have to learn a new system or try out a new company. You can stick with a company that you know and trust when billing and claims from your company can be integrated with your new software.

7. Price Modeling

Not every ride you provide costs the same, right? So why not have an easy way to handle how your rides are priced. Price modeling is a great feature to have for your new NEMT software. You can customize the different pricing rules to help make it easier to create costs for the various factors that go into your prices. For example, time of day, type of vehicle, services, and more can be used to determine the right price for a specific trip. NEMT software that doesn’t offer this feature can limit you to creating more specific pricing guides.

8. Bookkeeping

NEMT software that offers bookkeeping on top of all of the other features is a keeper. Bookkeeping can be complicated for any business, but with NEMT software that has it built-in, it can access all of the data in the system to calculate everything you need to run your business. You’ll be able to access accounts receivable, claims, statements, and even create invoices for your clients all in one place.

9. Reporting

A crucial feature that you need with your new NEMT software is the ability to create reports. Your software should provide you with insight into your business by crunching the data available to create a variety of reports. These reports can be used to develop future forecasts and help answer questions you may have about your company’s potential growth. They can be used to create a bigger picture of your company, from how your drivers perform to how you can grow your business by adding more clients. In addition, these reports can help to keep you compliant with the insurance companies, the state, and other agencies you have to report to as a non-emergency medical transportation provider.

10. Booking Portal

A final feature that can be very helpful for your business is the booking portal. You want NEMT software that makes it easy for anyone to be able to use your booking portal. For example, do you let patients book their own trips? Do you require facilities to handle the booking? Any software that you choose should allow you to create a booking portal that gives your selected individuals a user-friendly interface that they can use to create trips, make payments, and confirm transportation appointments. The more accessible these processes are for your clients, facilities, and other stakeholders, the less of a load your dispatchers have to handle when it comes to booking easy trips.

Why Is It Important To Choose the Right NEMT Software?

While choosing the wrong NEMT software won’t destroy your business, it can certainly impact your business negatively as you may be missing out on features that could help improve your business. Therefore, you’ll want to find at least these ten features in your next NEMT software to maximize your company’s potential.

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