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Using Social Media to Grow Your NEMT Business

In today’s digital world, the importance of staying connected and communicating online is undeniable.  

Social media can be a game-changer for non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) providers.  

The healthcare transportation industry is evolving rapidly, and it’s crucial to provide top-notch services and connect with communities.  

From Facebook to TikTok, each platform offers unique opportunities to engage with your audience, share your stories, and demonstrate your vital role in improving healthcare access.  

In this article, we’ll explore how social media can help you survive and thrive in a highly competitive market. Building stronger relationships, establishing trust, and driving growth are just some benefits you can expect.  

By tapping into the transformative power of social media, NEMT providers can reach new levels of success. 

Why Social Media Matters 

According to a recent study by AARP, 74% of people ages 50 and older—a large part of the NEMT customer base—use social media.  

To get even more specific, a Pew Research study found that 45% of the 65 and older population are on social media. That number might not seem extraordinary, but that percentage has quadrupled in the last decade. 

According to AARP, the above 50 crowd using social media breaks down like this: 

  • 71% use Facebook 
  • 51% use YouTube 
  • 28% use Instagram 

What can we glean from this information? 

First, many of your end users are active on social media, making many platforms valuable tools to engage them more meaningfully. 

Second, even though a decent percentage of older customers aren’t on social media, it’s highly likely that their children—many of whom help make transportation decisions—are on social media.  

According to Pew Research, 81% of people between 30 and 49 use social media. This demographic is most likely responsible for helping their elderly parents find rides to medical appointments. 

Social media can be critical in the NEMT industry and is a great marketing space for your business. 


When it comes to reaching the largest audience of potential clients, Facebook stands as the primary social media platform for NEMT providers.  

With a user base spanning all demographics, Facebook provides a vital space for NEMT businesses to connect with those needing reliable medical transportation services. 

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Create a Business Page 

Setting up a dedicated Facebook page for your NEMT business is the first step toward establishing a solid online presence.  

Ensure that your page comprehensively reflects your services, including details such as the types of transportation offered, operating hours, and clear contact information.  

This serves as an informative hub for potential clients and lays the foundation for credibility in the digital space. 

Share Success Stories 

In the NEMT industry, success stories are more than just narratives; they are potent testimonials that speak to your services’ impact on individuals’ lives.  

Use your Facebook platform to share these stories, whether through written testimonials, photos, or videos. Highlighting positive experiences not only builds credibility but also demonstrates the compassionate and reliable nature of your business. 

Engage in Local Groups 

Facebook’s community groups are a goldmine for local engagement.  

Joining and actively participating in these groups allows you to become an integral part of the community fabric. Share valuable information about your NEMT services, address common concerns, and establish yourself as more than a transportation provider.  

By engaging with local groups, you position your NEMT business as a dependable and caring ally in the community, fostering trust and connection with potential clients. 


With 51% of your target audience on YouTube, it can be a powerful tool for NEMT providers to create content that engages their end users through visual storytelling. 

Create Informative Videos 

Harness the power of video content to educate viewers about the critical role of NEMT services. 

Develop videos that explore the details of how these services operate, emphasizing the benefits they provide to individuals with medical transportation needs.  

Use visuals to showcase the range of services offered, highlighting wheelchair-accessible vehicles, your trained staff, and the commitment to ensuring client comfort and safety. 

How-to Guides 

Simplify the process of engaging with your NEMT services by creating instructional videos that guide viewers through the booking process.  

Offer insights into what clients can expect during a ride, from the moment they make a reservation to the completion of their journey.  

Provide clear and concise instructions on any special requirements or steps clients must take, fostering transparency and ease. 

Collaborate with Healthcare Professionals 

Elevate your content by collaborating with trusted local healthcare professionals.  

These partnerships can take the form of informative content about the significance of medical transportation. Consider conducting interviews or panel discussions with healthcare experts to provide valuable insights into the pivotal role NEMT plays in ensuring patients receive timely and reliable transportation to medical appointments.  

By aligning with healthcare professionals, your YouTube channel becomes a trusted source of information and guidance within the broader healthcare community. 


In the visually driven realm of Instagram, NEMT providers can tell their stories through captivating images and engaging content. 

Behind the Scenes Content 

Bring your audience into the heart of your NEMT operations by sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of your day-to-day activities.  

Post photos and videos that showcase the professionalism and friendliness of your staff, providing a human touch to your brand.  

This reveals the process and establishes a connection between your audience and the dedicated individuals on your staff who ensure the smooth operation of your NEMT services. 


Harness the visual appeal of Instagram to highlight client testimonials.  

Share images that capture the essence of positive experiences, accompanied by captions that echo the gratitude and satisfaction of your clients.  

Testimonials presented in this visual format reinforce the reliability of your services and serve as a powerful testament to the impact your NEMT business has on the lives of those you serve. 

Educational Content 

Use Instagram to educate your audience about the importance of NEMT services.  

Share visually appealing and easily digestible content that explains how these services positively impact individuals with medical needs. Whether through infographics, carousel posts, or short videos, provide valuable information that showcases your expertise and contributes to raising awareness about the significance of NEMT within your community.  

Instagram is a space for visually pleasing content and spreading awareness and understanding about your NEMT business’s crucial role in enhancing healthcare accessibility. 


LinkedIn serves as the professional hub where NEMT providers can connect with healthcare professionals, hospitals, and clinics, solidifying their role as indispensable allies in the healthcare ecosystem. 

Build a Professional Profile 

The foundation of your LinkedIn strategy begins with creating a business page that promotes your organization’s professionalism and reliability.  

Craft a LinkedIn profile that highlights the services your NEMT business offers and underscores your commitment to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. An impactful LinkedIn presence sets the stage for meaningful connections within the healthcare community. 

Connect with Healthcare Providers 

Connecting with local healthcare professionals is a crucial strategy for NEMT providers looking to expand their reach.  

Actively seek out and connect with hospitals, clinics, and individual healthcare practitioners.  

Showcase the unique value proposition of your NEMT services—the ability to ensure timely and reliable transportation for patients with medical needs.  

By strategically positioning your business within the healthcare network, you promote yourself as an essential component of the broader healthcare support system. 

Share Industry Insights 

Position your NEMT business as a thought leader by regularly sharing industry insights on your LinkedIn page.  

Post relevant articles, statistics, and updates related to the NEMT sector. By contributing valuable content, you showcase your knowledge and demonstrate a forward-thinking approach to the industry.  

This positions your NEMT business as one that stays up with industry trends, evolving with the healthcare landscape to provide the most effective and informed transportation solutions. 

With its professional focus, LinkedIn becomes the ideal platform for NEMT providers to build strategic partnerships, showcase their expertise, and contribute to the broader conversation within the healthcare industry. 


While TikTok might seem like an unconventional platform for NEMT providers, its multi-audience targeting, spanning children, elderly parents, and potential workers, presents a unique opportunity to deliver engaging and impactful content. 

Educational Content 

Leverage the short-form nature of TikTok to create engaging videos that teach viewers about the significance of NEMT services.  

Simplify complex information using simple and relatable language, ensuring your message resonates with younger and older audiences.  

By breaking down the importance, process, and benefits of NEMT, you can reach those needing services and potential workers interested in joining your mission. 

Day-in-the-Life Vlogs 

Offer a peek behind the curtain with day-in-the-life vlogs that showcase the dedication and care embedded in each NEMT ride.  

Humanize your business by sharing the everyday experiences of your drivers and staff.  

This adds a personal touch and serves as a testament to the commitment your team puts into ensuring the well-being and comfort of every passenger. 

Showcase Vehicle Features 

Use TikTok’s visual appeal to highlight the features of your NEMT vehicles.  

Create visually appealing content with upbeat music and graphics to showcase wheelchair accessibility, safety features, and overall comfort.  

Presenting these features dynamically and entertainingly makes vital information more accessible to a broad audience. 

With its diverse user base, TikTok offers NEMT providers a platform to creatively bridge generational gaps, educate, and engage with potential clients and employees in an innovative and entertaining way. 

Navigating the Road to Success Through Social Media 

In the NEMT industry, incorporating social media strategies is crucial for growth and connection.  

Each platform offers NEMT providers a chance to reach diverse audiences, foster trust, and showcase their indispensable role in healthcare accessibility. 

By leveraging social media effectively, NEMT providers amplify their reach and contribute to a narrative beyond transportation that champions accessibility, care, and community.  

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