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Why You Should Choose Tobi Cloud For Your NEMT Software Needs?

Software development should bring smiles to faces. When you have a genuinely remarkable piece of software, it just feels natural, good, easy. The team at Tobi Cloud set out to accomplish unique NEMT software transport in the non-emergency medical transport industry. Their accomplishment is now in the hands of many transport service providers. It makes it easier to grow their businesses, connect with clients, brokers, and deliver on their mission statement. Let us look at why you would choose Tobi for your non-emergency medical transport software needs.

Focused Development Team

Great software is the product of a development team with a focus on the wow factor. The customer priorities, what they find valuable, are what need attention for software to succeed. You need to build for your customer needs, create a partnership you grow over time. Tobi Cloud software development team utilizes their deep industry expertise to collaborate and co-create with customers daily.

The features provided and addons with the agile development model bring competitive advantages. Tobi Cloud NEMT software will disrupt industries like non-emergency medical transport. It is these disruptions when you adopt them that can make a huge difference.

Features That Set Tobi Cloud Apart from the Competition

What are some of the features that set Tobi Cloud apart from the competition? The team is here to disrupt the non-emergency medical transport industry, and we do this with an all-inclusive solution. The solution brings together fleet management with real-time monitoring, a driver interface, price modeling, manual scheduling, and more. Let’s dig deeper into some of these vital differentiating features.

Fleet Management, Including Multi-Fleet

One significant advantage of the Tobi Cloud NEMT software is that you can manage one or multiple fleets of vehicles on the same platform. If you are a small non-emergency medical transport company with one fleet of vehicles, you can control the dispatching and everything right through the software. If you have multiple fleets or even multiple companies, you can manage that here as well. The software even enables subcontracting as well as the ability to set permissions in dispatching across fleets.


Tobi Cloud Price Modeling for Immediate Quoting

The sophisticated price modeling platform from Tobi Cloud helps you price faster and more accurately for each job. You can get to a granular level with a series of customization rules. These include the type of vehicle, day of the week, even time of the day.

Pricing needs to be transparent and consistent. The software price modeling allows creating custom formulas unique to your company, your fleet of vehicles. When a customer wants a quote, you will use the price modeling to get them an accurate one on the spot.

Making Use of GPS Technology

Global positioning system or GPS technology can give you an accurate line of sight into where your fleet vehicles are at all times. When you want to know the location of your vehicles, you can see where they are on the current job, when the job began, when you expect it to end, etc.

Drivers can make use of the GPS technology as well with the driver interface within Tobi Cloud. It enables them to understand traffic ahead and get information to get to the end-point fastest. If you need to make decisions on the fly as dispatch or as a driver, the GPS vehicle monitoring features of Tobi Cloud allow you to do so.

Let Scheduling Happen Automatically

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are at play with Tobi Cloud when it comes to scheduling. The Tobi Cloud software has a proprietary algorithm. With the algorithm, it will learn about the trip patterns of your fleet over time. The software will understand the average distance for a trip, length of trip, etc. Through this, it will begin to schedule transport jobs for you automatically. The software and its features allow for schedule optimization. Tobi Cloud lets you get the most out of the fleet and be prompt with each of your customer pick-ups and drop-offs.

Filing Your Trip Attestation

When you drive all day, it can be challenging to go back to the office and do paperwork so your broker will pay you. It would help if you attested to your trips to get payments. With the Tobi Cloud software, you as the driver and your patient can sign electronically when the job is complete. With this electronic signature complete, you can then transmit it directly to a broker. It will mean instant verification, attestation of a complete job. It helps you get paid faster and more accurately.

Keep the Books Accurate

The accounting side of the house can be a challenge for a non-emergency medical transport professional. You want bookkeeping to be simple, efficient. With the Tobi Cloud software, you have bookkeeping built in. When you finish a job, invoice generation happens automatically and sees transmission electronically. Claims filing gets done through integrations, as well as statements.

All this gets handling with automation of accounts receivable and an insight into the aging of those receivables.

All these tasks are administrative in practice and carry overhead costs. To increase your margins, you need to automate claims filings, bookkeeping needs. Trust the software and let it work for you. When you do, the results can be breathtaking.

Open API For Easy Integrations

Tobi Cloud has an open API that is easy to work with. If you have your own billing company, for example, you can work with that company. It can allow for integration between Tobi Cloud and the existing billing company. If you want to use what Tobi Cloud has to offer, that is fine as well. The idea is the power is in your hands as a customer. The open API setup allows Tobi Cloud to work with any provider, customer, client, system, vendor, etc.

A non-emergency medical transport service provider needs technology to beat the competition. The days of being good with manual scheduling and organization are over. Even if you are great at those things, the administration time and overhead costs can be anchors holding back your company from growth. It is time to seek out a non-emergency medical transport software package, and Tobi Cloud is the front-runner getting your attention.